Offering a spectacular view of the warm waters of the Caribbean, Marina de Palenque Beach Resort, S.R.L. (MAPABER) stretches along a pristine coastline of unsurpassed splendor. Over the centuries, a natural canyon formed in the region, eventually developing into the natural inland marina occupied by the resort complex today.

Just 22 miles from Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, the resort is provides easy access to that city’s many attractions. Numerous restaurants and an exciting nightlife with spectacular shows will satisfy the fun-seekers, but the needs of the business person will also be well served, as Santo Domingo is the center of business and government: The principal offices of both the island’s financial institutions and the government can be found there.

A high-end, seven-star boutique hotel, a luxurious clubhouse, and an exclusive beach are among the amenities that comprise this world-class inland marina. MAPABER was designed to satisfy, to surpass, the high expectations of demanding yacht and mega-yacht owners. The canyon that cradles the resort complex is the perfect home for an inland marina, as it offers protection from hurricanes and tropical storms, thereby reducing the damage that these natural phenomena can bring about in seagoing craft. Furthermore, because of the marina’s nature and design, insurance companies provide the resident boat owners who tie up there with substantial credits on their insurance premiums.

The best engineers in the world, working for O’Brien & Gere and for Holsteinson & Associates SRL, designed and supervised the construction of MAPABER. Their meticulous efforts ensured compliance with the most stringent local, international, environmental, ocean, and coastal laws.

For the first time ever in the Dominican Republic, dock owners will be able to acquire title to submerged lands. Such rights are offered at Boquerón Marina in Puerto Rico (which, it should be noted was designed by Miguel Acevedo and Néstor Acevedo, engineer and architect, respectively, of MAPABER), and will now be offered, as well, to MAPABER property owners. Another significant development is the installation of the “Receding Tide Flushing System.” This unique technology takes advantage of the tidal changes to ensure that the water in the marina’s canal remains clean and crystal clear.

MAPABER was endorsed by two presidential decrees, the first guaranteeing the use of the land bordering the marina itself and the second, the land bordering the waterway. The Tourist Development Council (CONFOTUR, by its Spanish acronym) granted a special tax exemption that our buyers can benefit from.

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The project offers or has available the following:

  • 104 Waterfront Villas, each with its own elevator, private dock (in front), and parking area (in back).
  • 80 Hillside Villas. Individual docks are available for sale (at comparable cost), with the owners of the hillside villas having the right of first refusal.
  • An exclusive clubhouse for property owners.
  • Tennis and basketball courts, play areas for children, pools, an exclusive beach, a spa, a gymnasium, and areas for water sports.
  • Shore fishing from a breakwater.
  • A receding tide flushing system that keeps the water clean.
  • A sanitation system for emptying the waste-holding tanks of yachts.
  • GPS coordinates for all of the properties.
  • Title to submerged land (for dock owners).
  • A title insurance policy from Chicago Title Insurance (granted individually to each owner).